Choose Function Over Style In Home Remodeling

Homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens must consider not flow and function of the space over style to increase the value of their home.  Yes, style is important but a beautiful space that you can’t cook or entertain is basically storage.  Not all popular trends will translate into classics, so it is important to thoroughly research before any construction starts.  Don’t be in a hurry when renovating a space as important as your home’s kitchen or bath.  Take the time to meet with several contractors who specialize in kitchen design and renovation, (even though we know we will be your final pick).  This will give you a number of ideas to choose from as well as a feel for industry professionals.  For more on function over style check out this article by Realty Biz News, “Why It’s Important to Stress Functionality Over Style In Home Remodeling Projects”.  To schedule a consultation with a professional kitchen design contractor, contact the experts at JFC Remodeling today!  You can easily reach us at 810.923.1123 or via are website at